Corporate gift or business giveaways can strengthen or weaken a business relationship. It’s all on the choice of the most appropriate gift for your patrons that is usually chosen based on a chosen budget, suitability to your client demographics, the line of your product or service and of course your approach to an innovative option. Grafiks International with its 14 years of experience has learnt the needs of our prospects for their right occasion, be it rewarding employees, exhibition giveaways, corporate hospitality, customer loyalty, on-pack or in-pack promotion or whatever.

Importance of Business Gift

If you thought buying corporate gifts to be considered only during new year, anniversary or festive occasions, it's time you open your eyes and listen to the Business Gift division of We will guide you through the reasons why gifts are necessary to be integrated into your overall marketing strategy. It is a proved fact that a few hundred Riyals or Dirhams invested in well-chosen gift ideas can easily convince you the high output of ROI that you can earn from the spending.
When an advertising promotion is planned, the unit that measures the ROI (Return On Investment) is based on CPI (Cost Per Impression). CPI is the calculation of cost for your each message to reach an average customer. By dividing the total campaign cost by the number of people reached, your will often have a somewhat clear idea how you are going about.


We believe and have experienced that only ample choices of gift ideas bring back our customers for every occasion of their gift plan. Therefore we have pooled a huge collection of corporate gifts of different budget options from local and international suppliers on reseller terms, well categorized based on its different nature of occasions and brought on to your desktop through
Ranked for its professional and focused approach in the industry of advertising and related supplies in the Middle East and North Africa region (Dubai, UAE l Riyadh, Saudi Arabia l Manama, Bahrain l Doha, Qatar l Manama, Bahrain l Kuwait l Jeddah, KSA l Cairo, Egypt l Beirut, Lebanon l Amman, Jordan l Damascus, Syria l Istanbul, Turkey l Khartoum, Sudan l Lagos, Nigeria l Tehran, Iran l Baghdad, Iraq l Mumbai, India l Moscow, Russia l Colombo, Srilanka l Dhaka, Bangladesh l Karachi, Pakistan) our associates and partners are spread across the US, European Union and the Far East, that help us facilitate low-cost business and promotional gift ideas to our clients.

Awards & Shields

With our specialized division and professionals at InstoreMasters for Awards & Incentive related shields, trophies, certificates & plaques, we have 15 years of experience serving prestigious clientele in the region.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry for

Product variants: Wide Range Of Promotional Awards & Shields Suppliers Dubai, Beautiful Crystal Premium Awards Sellers In Middle East, Engraved Plaques & Acrylic Trophies Trader North Africa, High Quality Crystal & 3D Crystal Trophies Manufacturers Saudi Arabia, Winners Cup Trophies Specialists Kuwait, Top Quality Wooden Trophies Maker Qatar, Silver Trays Professional Makers Bahrain, Brass Memorial Plaque Supplier UAE, Timber And Acrylic Awards Plaque Supply Agent Abu Dhabi, Corporate Employee Incentive Gifts Consulting Company in Dubai, Suppliers Of Silver And Silver Plated Sports Trophies Business, Golden Shields Vendor USA, Corporate Giveaway Silver Awards & Trophies Collection Canada, Honorary Premium Awards Manufacturing Company GCC, Silver Shields Supplying Company France, Pewter Shields & Trophies Exporting Business Australia, Corporate Employee Awards And Shields Traders South Africa.

Bags & Folders

Folders and bags make it ideal for Promotional Executive Gifts with its nature of high value of cost per impression par with the low spending. We present an array of printed leather, paper, plastic & styrene folders.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Promotional Plastic Carrier Bags Manufacturer North Africa, High Quality Conference Folders Maker Middle East, Economy Recycled Paper Carrier Bag Wholesaler Kuwait, Natural Cotton Bags Supplier Canada, Economic Promotional Document Bag Trader Dammam, Cost-Effective Corporate Laptop Bags Seller India, Budget Conference Bag Retail Supplier France, Commercial Portland Bag Vendor Turkey, Premium Shoulder Bag Wholesale Dealer Germany, Non-Woven Bag Merchant Switzerland, First-Class Travel Bag Business Australia, Corporate Logo Imprinted Rucksack Maker Denmark, Cheap Promotional Giveaway Sports Bag Exporters UK, Top Quality Promo Backpack Collection Russia, Company Name Printed Briefcase Producer Oman, Low Coast Giveaway Cooler Bag Exporters USA, Drawstring Bag Business, Promo A4 Zipped Folder Manufacturing Company South Africa, Business Case With Wheels Suppliers Mumbai-India.


Promotional Mugs

Considered as one of the most common item suitable for promotional giveaway gift, logo imprinted Promotional Mugs carry your brand by various choices of logo impressions with best ROI ratio economics.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Promotional Mugs Makers & Traders Middle East , Promo Plastic Coffee Mug Suppliers Sharjah & Dubai, Giveaway Marrow Mug Manufacturer Kuwait, Promotional Earthenware Mugs Producers Bahrain, Incentive Coffee Mug Sellers Dammam & Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, Corporate Expo Giveaway Desk Mug Seller Oman, Frozen Frosted Glass Mug Wholesaler Doha-Qatar, Promotional Photo Mugs Traders India, Bone China Cup & Saucer Retail Dealer Milan-Italy, Incentive Insulated Travel Mugs Whole Seller Dammam & Istanbul, Ceramic Coffee Cups Retailer USA, Low Coast Acrylic Mugs Consulting Birmingham-UK, Promotional Giveaway Bell Mug Consulting Frankfurt, Recycled Mugs Retailers Qatar, Exhibition Executive Gifts Pewter Mugs Consulting Geneva, Promotional Mugs With Your Custom Logo Supplier Sydney-Australia, Silver Coated Promotional Mug Suppliers Sharjah Abu Dhabi & Dubai-UAE.

Computer Accessories

Whether you need executive gifts, exhibition giveaway or employee incentives, our range of Computer Accessories from low-cost mouse pads to high value USB drives of various utilities can promise to meet your endeavor.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Promotional Computer Mouse Suppliers Sharjah & Abu Dhabi, Keyboard Brush Buddy Selling Company Riyadh Jeddah & Dammam, Promo Screen Wipe Supply Business Sudan, Logo Printed Discs Wholesaler Los Angeles-USA, Incentive Computer Cleaning Set Vendor Rome-Italy, Bulk Monitor Clip Supplier Stockholm, Screen Cleaner Buddy With Corporate Logo Imprinted St. Petersburg-Russia, Aluminum Cased CD Holder Sellers Qatar, Compact USB Whole Sellers Kolkata-India, Promotional Advertising Bluetooth Dongle Producers & Traders Oakland-New Zealand, Promotion Executive USB Card Reader Provider Consulting Jeddah & Dammam, Economic Micro Optical Mouse Retailers Middle East, Incentive Giveaways USB Light Consulting UK, Promo Giveaway Marketing USB Mini Fan Seller KSA, Wireless Optical Mouse Traders Abu Dhabi & Dubai, Computer Accessories Consulting & Suppliers Orlando.

Crystal Gifts

Employee incentives are best awarded with crystal gifts with laser engraved impression of logo and message. High quality transparent acrylic shields imitates the look of crystal while meeting low-budget needs as well.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Corporate Premium Crystal Paperweight Business Saudi Arabia, Quality Globe And Pyramid Special Collection Dubai, Promo Crystal Panel Goblet Industry South Africa, Crystal Glass Gifts Suppliers Australia, Crystal Panel Whisky Tumbler Gifts Sellers USA, Crystal Wine Decanter Business Delhi, Crystal Vase Ideas Malaysia And Singapore, Mirror Finished Crystal Pyramid Solution Middle East, Optical Crystal Glass Cube Gift Choices Manchester-UK, Footed Bowl Manufacturers Hong Kong, Premium Crystal Tumbler Items Suppliers Basel-Switzerland, Crystal Wedding Gifts Specialized Supplier San Francisco And USA, High Quality Lead Crystal Glass Miniatures From Italy, Personalized Crystal Gifts Merchant France, Promotional Oval Paperweight South Africa, Crystal Key Ring Specialist Montreal, Premium Crystal Award Unique Collection India, Promotional and Executive Premium Crystal gift Consulting Company Dubai

Desktop Ideas

Desktop executive promotional giveaways are some of the most commonly stocked gift items that are easily planned on-your-go due to its nature of low price and often quick delivery from stock, unless need a tailor made idea. >>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: White Paper Spiral Block Manufacturer Middle East, Cover Note Pad Gifts Collection Saudi Arabia, Celebration Gift Paperweight Makers Qatar, Promo Memo Holder Gift Suppliers Dubai, Executive Premium Note Pad Store Sweden, Memo And Pen Stand Sellers Bahrain, Exhibition Giveaway Small Stapler Wholesaler India, Promo Staple Remover Yeman, Printed Ashtray Bulk Seller Canada, Corporate Logo Water Marked Memo Paper Block Selling Company UAE, Imprinted Pen Pot Supply Kuwait-India, Expo Takeaway Desk Calendar Maker Austria, Desktop Ideas USA, Block Mate Paper Holder Supplier UK, Acrylic Memo Cube Seller Madras-India, Promotional Desktop Calculator Business Perth-Australia, Plastic Memo Dispenser Vendor Turkey, Magnetic Paperclip Pyramid Store Germany, Logo Printed Paper Clip Dispenser Shop Russia, Letter Opener Producers Zurich, Promo Executive Premium Office And Desktop Item Gifts Retailers Riyadh. 


In this category we offer a vast number of giveaway ideas that are tried and tested for its utility in the field of corporate giveaway gifts. Browse through our well organized collection of products and settle the best at once.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Imprinted Promotional Stress Balls Supplier Kuwait, Promotional Printed Key Rings Seller Bahrain, Premium Calculator Suppliers Dubai-UAE, Tissues Manufacturers Nigeria, Liquid Soap Sudan, Exercise Band Supply Business USA, Exhibition Giveaway Sun Glasses Shop Vienna, Vanity Mirror Queensland, Plastic Sports Bottle Sellers Bahrain, Promotional Coasters whole Sellers Oman, Soapbox Bangalore-India, Promotional Giveaway Rulers Switzerland, Executive Premium Pens Consulting Moscow, Mugs And Plates Wholesale Store Australia, Wallets, Bags And Folders Dealers London-UK, Promotional Key Chains And Pen Drive Wholesale Agents Canada, Logo Printed Caps And T-Shirts Maker & Traders Australia, Marker Pens Producers Canada, Business Card Album Retailers Middle East, Corporate Exhibition and Employee Giveaway Items Supplier Australia, Gifts Giveaways Consulting Riyadh-Saudi.

Home Accessories

If your promotional giveaway campaign is targeted at housewives or employed category of men, Home Accessories may well suit your reason. This is one of the few categories where we are offering you a large collection. >>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Ashtrays & Tea Coasters Manufacturer & Traders Middle East , Bar Mat Supplier Oman, Promotional Home Tool Kit Dealer Doha-Qatar, Promo Plastic Ware Special Collection Riyadh, Exclusive Kitchen Gadgets Store Sharjah, Ceramic & Porcelain Glassware Manufacturers UK, Exhibition Giveaway Stainless Steel Products Distributors North Africa, Trade Show Giveaway Metal Ware Items Supplier South Africa, Promotional Giveaway Towel & Pillows Supply Company Canada, Home Accessories Supplier Dubai & Saudi, Kitchen Accessories Sellers Qatar, Home Decorative Gifts Exporter Kuwait, Home Goods Suppliers India, Night Lights & Candle Holders Online Shop & Consulting USA, Promo Bathroom Accessories Exporter Malaysia And Singapore, Premium Gift Lamps & Shades Authorized Dealer India, Home Accessories Consulting Riyadh-Saudi, Tissue Holder Importer Turkey, Car MP3 Player Specialists UAE.

Home Tools

Home Tools are commonly considered to give your campaign best ROI due to its durability and thereby longer lasting your advertising impression. We showcase some of the practical, attractive and best value items here.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Business Promotional Outdoor Thermometer Supplier Canada, Expo Promo Home Tool Kit Supply Company Washington-USA, Corporate Business Advertising Metal Multi Tool In Pouch Exporters UK, Executive Giveaway Screwdriver Set Makers Hong Kong, LED Multi Tool Authorized Seller Saudi Arabia, Tailors' Meter Tape Producing Industry India, Promotional Pocket Knife And Pen Knives Supplier Washington-USA, Cheap Wine Bottle Openers Sharjah & Abu Dhabi, Corkscrew Or Bottle Stopper Supplies USA, Custom Promotional Printed Torches Companies Australia, Company Logo Printed Disposable Lighter Maker Delhi-India, Incentive Dynamo Radio Torch Dealer UK, Home tool Supplier Singapore & Malaysia, Self Charging Translucent Torch Adelaide-Australia, Promo Rechargeable Torch Dealer Oakland, Metal LED Torch Supplier Oslo-Norway, Home Tools Supplier and Sellers From Abu Dhabi Sharjah & Dubai-UAE.

Leather Gifts

If you need to satisfy your executive class category of customers and the meantime achieve a long-lasting impression for your branding, the most advised choice is none other than leather gifts that touch individuality.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Promotional Leather Business Card Holder Makers Sharjah & Abu Dhabi-UAE, Printed Leather Coaster Seller Dammam & Jeddah-Saudi, Company Name Imprinted Leather Folders Suppliers UK, Leather CD Wallet Sellers Jeddah Dammam & Riyadh, Exhibition Promotional Recycled Leather Goods Supply Business New York-USA, Promotional Incentive Leather Key Rings Supply Network Sydney- Australia, Corporate Incentive Gifts Leather Notepads Manufacturers Middle East, Promotional Executive Leather Travel Products Suppliers London-England, Promotional Logo Printed Leather Wallets Wholesalers Doha-Qatar, Brand Name Imprinted Credit Card Wallet Makers Mumbai-India, Leather Personal Organizer Exclusive Supplier Paris-France, Zip Round Conference Folder Traders Turkey And Italy, Exhibition Giveaway Passport Holder Bulk Supplier EU Countries, Promotional Leather Items Exporters Australia.

Premium Gifts

By the term Premium Gifts we mean gifts that are most suitable for selected executive class, innovative ideas so that to impulse the user and for a price that does not usually make it ideal for giving away like a promotional gift.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Promotional Premium Chocolates Suppliers Sharjah & Dubai-UAE, Promotional Mints & Jelly Beans Wholesalers Dammam Jeddah & Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, Premium Energy Drink Suppliers Middle East, Business Promotional Premium Incentive Gifts Sellers UK, Top Quality Wine Set Trading Company Canada, Camera And Binoculars Store Manchester-UK, Incentive Premium Digital Ball Pen Business Kuwait & Oman, Executive Crystal Products Suppliers Australia, Corporate Premium Promotional Golf Glove Sellers USA, Executive Premium Crystal Jewelry Beads Manufacturers & Traders Singapore & Malaysia, Silver Incentives Gifts Sellers Bahrain And Qatar, Promotional Giveaway USB Flash Drives Wholesale Agent Germany And Switzerland, Premium Arts And Sculptures Exporters India, Premium Corporate Gifts Sellers Sharjah & Dubai, Premium Gifts Supplier UK.

Promotional Garments

Unlike most of the other gift selections, a little negligence when choosing your Promotional Garment can invite catastrophe if the supplier has inexperience in proposing the right garment for your promotional event.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Promotional Corporate Shirts Manufacturers Middle East, Executive Hooded Sweatshirts & Hoodies Wholesale Business Riyadh-Saudi, Promotional Business Gifts Long Sleeve Shirts Supplier UK, Promotional Jackets Supplier Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Promotional T-Shirts Exporters Australia, Ties Maker Frankfurt-Germany, Promotional Corporate Logo Printed Tracksuits Suppliers India, Promotional Work Wear Sellers USA, Brand Name Imprinted Hat, Scarf & Gloves Manufacturer UAE And Bahrain, Premium Promo Printed Caps Supply Company Kuwait, Sandwich Cap Producers Singapore, Incentive Promotional Spiro Cap Providers Canada, Promotional Advertising Six Panel Cap Makers North Africa, Promo Custom Bucket Hat With Logo Professional Denmark And Sweden, Baseball Cap Sellers USA, Promotional Garments Supply UK, Ski Hat & Visor Supplier France, Hard Hat With Company Logo Maker UAE And Qatar.

Giveaway Umbrella

Although it has the limitation of being seasonal for the end-user to help your branding displayed for its efficacy, a well planned promotional gift strategy can work mesmerizing result if combined with a quality supplier.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Premium Promotional Golf Umbrella Suppliers Canada, Promotional Super Mini Umbrella Manufacturer Kolkata-India, Executive Automatic Open And Close Umbrella Suppliers Middle East, Promo Giveaway Walking Umbrella Store Dubai-UAE, Exhibition Promotional Bedford Umbrella Suppliers Oman And Qatar, Advertising Telescopic Umbrella Manufacturers Australia, Promotional Wood Stick Umbrella Consulting, Company Advertising Foldable Umbrella Sellers Dubai And Saudi, Add Printed Rainbow Umbrella Makers Bahrain And Kuwait, Beach Size Umbrella Whole Sellers Australia, Corporate Logo Imprinted Storm-Proof Umbrella Suppliers USA, Exhibition Promotional Kids Umbrella Supply Company Singapore And Malaysia, Giveaway Umbrella Seller India, Trade Show Promo Lightweight Folding Umbrella Manufacturing Business South Africa And New Zealand, Promotional Umbrella Suppliers India And Middle East.

Wall Clocks

Browse through our Wall Clock category at InstoreMasters and discover that we do not propose massive number of low-priced options, but a few models that are attractive, proven to be durable and best value for money.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Executive Promotional Printed Round Plastic Frame Wall Clock Suppliers India, Corporate Gift Digital Wall Clock With Calendar And Thermometer Supplier GCC, LCD Digital Wall Clock Suppliers Dubai And Jeddah-Saudi, Elite Metal Framed Wall Clock Sellers India Oman Bahrain Qatar and Kuwait, Premium Wall Clock Wholesale Suppliers Australia, Gift Flower Wall Clock Wholesaler Singapore & Malaysia, Premium Antique Wood Wall Clock Collections UK, Promo Wooden Wall Clocks Dealer Orlando-USA, Giveaway Rubber Tire Wall Clock Makers Canada, Atomic Digital Wall Clock Manufacturers USA, Business Gifts Decorative Wall Clock Manchester-UK, Variety Collection Of Wall Clocks Paris-France, Brand Promo Square Wall Clock Whole Seller Sydney-Australia, Fancy Wall Clock Shop Dubai-UAE, Executive And Premium Wall Clocks Exporter India.

Wrist Watches

Choosing your gift becomes challenging particularly when your motto is to offer a promotional gift that interfere the persona of your targeted customer. Nothing can go worst if your choice was to be rejected by prospects.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Premium Wrist Watches Suppliers USA, Promotional Executive Leather Wrist Watches Manufacturers India, Cheap Quality Metal Wrist Watches Sellers Dubai and Saudi Arabia, Economic High Quality Strap Watches Makers Birmingham-UK, Low Coast Promotional Electronic Wrist Watches Producing Company Singapore And Malaysia, Gents Watch Manufacturers Montreal-Canada, Ladies Watch Suppliers Oman Kuwait and Bahrain, Sports Watch Exporters India And Middle East, Dallas Watch Supply Company UK, Chronometer Watch Business USA, Beach Watch Suppliers South Africa, Sports Digital Watch Exclusive Shop Qatar, Women's Quartz Analog Supply Vienna-Austria, Ladies Dress Watch Making Experts Munich-Germany, Ladies Fashion Watch Wide Range Collection Dubai-UAE, Promotional Exhibition Employee Giveaway Watch Whole Sellers Melbourne-Australia.

Writing Instruments

Choices are ample when it comes to selecting Writing Instruments for your promotional gift plan. When our competitors offer loads of different low-priced models, InstoreMasters has considered priority for quality par to price.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Incentive Promotional Pens Suppliers Kuwait & Bahrain, Giveaway Retractable Plastic Ball Pen Manufacturers Chicago-USA, Exhibition Giveaway Retractable Wooden Ball pen Dealer Oman And Sudan, Promotional Cheap Rubber Grip Ball Pen Exporters London-UK, Translucent Light Ball Pen Supplier Milan-Italy, Premium Metal Ball Pen Maker San Francisco-America, Trade Show Giveaway Gel Ink Roller Pen Seller New Delhi-India, Incentive Promotional Pencils Exporting Company Sydney-Australia, Incentive Wooden Pencil Supply Business Dammam Jeddah & Riyadh And Dubai, Erasers And Sharpeners Wholesale Dealers UK, Business Promotional Highlighters Supplier Canada, Pen Stands And Neck Pens Seller Nigeria And Oman, Writing Instruments Seller UK, Business and Corporate Exhibition Giveaways And Executive Premium Pen Supplier Middle East, Executive Gifts Consulting Dammam Riyadh & Jeddah.

Innovative Ideas

Hand picking a functional and efficient novelty gift becomes decisive when considered the numerous ineffective innovations and the lost investment. Our highly experienced partners and associates help us choose the best.>>Gallery | >>Inquiry form

Product variants: Innovative Gifts Suppliers Dubai And Jeddah-Saudi Arabia, Business Promotional Aroma USB Professional Manufacturers London-UK, Incentive Mobile Phone Cleaner Large Quantity Supplier Toronto-Canada, Incentive Digital Cleaner Producer Australia, Innovative Ideas Dusseldorf-Germany, Towel Cake Wholesale Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Incentive Electronic Innovative Gifts Sellers India, Promotional Fashion Innovative Gifts Perth-Australia, Innovative Wooden Gifts Chennai, Innovative Promotional Incentives Gift Riyadh- Saudi, Innovative Giveaways Moscow-Russia, Innovative Promotional Giveaways Dealers USA, Innovative Gifts Manufacturers From Dammam & Riyadh-Saudi Arabia And Oman, Modern Promotional Products Manufacturers Hong Kong, New Generation Promotion Ideas Consultants USA & UK, Unique Innovative Gift Ideas Providers Bangalore-India, Executive Gifts Consulting Riyadh & Jeddah.